Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cycle track?

A cycle track is a protected bike lane that physically separates bike traffic from car traffic and people walking.

Cycle tracks can come in different variations (one-way vs. two-way) and can use different methods of separating bikes from sidewalks and the street (curbs, raised lanes, planters, etc.) See the pictures above for examples.

Cycle tracks provide important separated space for people of all ages and abilities to bike.

Where is the project?

The Tower Grove Connector is located in St. Louis City between Tower Grove Park and Cortex. It passes through the neighborhoods of Forest Park Southeast, Botanical Heights, and Shaw. Phase 1 of the Connector will be built along Tower Grove Avenue and South Vandeventer Avenue. Phase 2 will extend along Sarah Street to Forest Park Ave.

How long is the route?

The upgraded cycle track will stretch 1.4 miles for Phase 1, with an additional 0.4 miles in Phase 2

How much will this project cost?

The total cost of Phase 1 will be approximately $9 million, and $5 million in Phase 2.

Who is paying for the project?

The majority of funding comes from $9 million of federal construction grants. This money was awarded from the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Program and is administered locally by East West Gateway Council of Governments.

In addition to federal funding, support for this project comes from the City of St. Louis and local businesses, foundations, and organizations.

Will I be able to easily get on and off the cycle track?

The cycle track will be designed to allow people on bikes to get on and off the cycle track at intersections, crosswalks and other points along the route.

Will this take away driving or parking lanes?

The project intends to improve or maintain drive times and preserve as much on-street parking as possible, although not all parking will be kept due to right-of-way limitations in select areas.

When will construction start and how long will it take?

Phase 1 will go to bid for construction in the summer of 2024. Construction is expected to begin later this year and will likely take around one year to complete. Construction on Phase 2 is expected to begin in 2026 and take less than a year to complete.

Is this part of the Brickline Greenway?

No, this is a project led by the City of St. Louis and separate from Great Rivers Greenway’s Brickline Greenway project. However, the Tower Grove Connector was developed in coordination with the Brickline Greenway and will improve access to the Greenway for people walking and biking.

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